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The Voluntary Code of Practice for Social Enterprise in Scotland sets the boundary between social enterprise and the private sector. Developed by the sector, for the sector, the Code will always aim to adapt and evolve to suit the changing needs of the sector.


In 2002, the UK Govt published an ‘official’ definition of social enterprise (SE) which was also adopted in Scotland. The ensuing years have seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of SE – but the government definition was never invested with sufficient authority to be effective. Its meaning became increasingly diluted.


In response, the Scottish SE community has set down the values and behaviours by which we recognise each other. We refer to this document as a voluntary code of practice – or simply the Code. The Code recognises five basic criteria for social enterprise – and in a short appendix identifies some less ‘defined’.

Aileen Campbell

Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government

Jonny Kinross

Grassmarket Community

Douglas Westwater