We strengthen social enterprise

Senscot's vision is of a socially just Scotland, served by a thriving social economy

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We support the social economy

Our mission is to establish and maintain a national support network for community activists and their social enterprises

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Our activities include:

Connecting and informing social enterprises across Scotland.

Supporting local and thematic social enterprise networks.

Working with others to establish new services for the sector.


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Senscot News

Social Enterprise Events and Activities for Year of Young People …

14th June 2018
Below is a list of projects and events relating to the Year of Young People undertaken by SEN members.&nbs…

The Community Bond – Putting the Spirit of Collaboration in…

20th February 2018
At our Social Enterprise Conference in December 2017, the lack of appropriate loans, in particular bridging lo…
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Social Enterprise News

“We’ll Be Further Apart as a Country”: Trump, the Midterm E…

8th November 2018
The New Yorker, by Susan B. Glasser 07.11.18he results of the 2018 midterm elections were both predicta…

Trump won’t be a loser. The worst is yet to come.

8th November 2018
The Washington Post, by Richard Cohen 05.11.18 Whatever the outcome of the midterm elections, this we alread…
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Social Enterprise Jobs

Part time development manager

Location: Glasgow
Company: Biodiversity Initiative
Salary: £29,000 - £34,000

ParkPower Project Manager

Location: Stirling
Company: greenspace scotland
Salary: £29,000 - £34,000
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Featured Profile

Caledonia Cremation

Caledonia Cremation is Scotland’s first not-for-profit funeral directors, offering direct cremations as a way to combat funeral poverty.

A direct cremation is an alternative to organising a traditional funeral service, which can often cost thousands of pounds.

Direct cremations provide a flexible option, with no service at the crematorium. Caledonia Cremation take care of all the practical arrangements for a fixed rate….