We strengthen social enterprise

Senscot's vision is of a socially just Scotland, served by a thriving social economy

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We support the social economy

Our mission is to establish and maintain a national support network for community activists and their social enterprises

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Our activities include:

Connecting and informing social enterprises across Scotland.

Supporting local and thematic social enterprise networks.

Working with others to establish new services for the sector.


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Senscot News

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25th July 2019
Senscot welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation on the new National Public Health Body ‘Pub…

Senscot Blog: Putting the benefits of SEN membership into numbers

6th June 2019
This blog is based on Assist Social Capital’s Unlocking Potential Impact Evaluation Pilot, which studied the…
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Social Enterprise News

‘Cut after cut’ leaves Scottish newspapers drasticall

11th December 2019
The Guardian, by Libby Brooks and Jim Waterson10.12.19 They once dominated discourse but the Herald and …

Questions about the new Chair of the Scottish National Investment…

11th December 2019
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Social Enterprise Jobs

Admin Officer

Location: PAISLEY
Company: Roar Connections For Life
Salary: £29,000 - £34,000

Chief Executive

Location: Edinburgh
Company: DTA Scotland
Salary: £29,000 - £34,000
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Workforce Creation

Workforce Creation is a Glasgow based registered SCIO, a social enterprise, a Supported Business and a Social Firm with the primary social aim of removing disadvantage faced by disabled people who are usually graduates.  Many people have barriers to accessing our community and from leading full and productive lives.  They aim to increase their chances through their internships and via their innovative, inclusive and technica….