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18 Jul 2014

I’m on the NHS waiting list for a cataract procedure – the pre-op assessment includes half an hour with cheerful nurse Shona filling in the forms. Please don’t be offended Laurence – but I’m expected to comment on your mental condition (apologetic smile). Do you ever think about getting older – how the aging process is affecting you personally. I think about it every day – I say – and with a smile of pleasure, launch into one of my favourite subjects. How people are far too reluctant to discuss ageing and death – a powerful taboo which causes unnecessary anxiety – how… But Shona looks slightly panicked at what she has unleashed; she only wants to tick a box – not a full philosophical discussion.

            Pleased to see this week – that in the context of a Lord’s debate - the subject of assisted dying has resurfaced. Bishop Desmond Tutu made a particularly brave public statement – in which he affirms his reverence for human life, but – in his words – ‘not at any cost’. He personally, does not want to be ‘revived’ – or kept alive artificially – nor would he mind his death being ‘assisted’. I think this is my own position; that to be able to choose death as a release from suffering – is one of the most basic human rights; and when the race is run – just let me depart in peace. Tutu is clearly angry about the treatment of Nelson Mandela at the end of his life; what they did to Madiba, he says, was disgraceful – an affront to human dignity.  See,


I wish I had been among the 600 who attended last weekend’s Common Weal ‘festival of politics’ at the Arches – Glasgow. The announcement of their intention to field candidates at the 2016...Read more

The SENs is the name Senscot gives to our work with Social Enterprise Networks (SENs) - both thematic and geographical. SENs provide members with opportunities for peer support, collective action and market development. The vision is of a growing community of 500 frontline social enterprises across Scotland - connected and energised through a network of Networks.

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The SENs: Friday 18th July 2014

Voluntary Action Scotland and Senscot are hosting a session on 6th August for Third Sector Interfaces (TSI’s) on ‘Working with our national Social Enterprise partners’. The purpose of the session is to support TSIs in how they and the national social enterprise support agencies can work together to support local third sector social enterprise activity. The event will include contributions from the national social enterprise support programmes and agencies, clarifying the different roles and support that they offer and improving the referral process for all; and mini surgeries with the national support agencies for some one-to-one support. Contact for more information.


Senscot is a partner delivering the relaunched Village SOS programme. This will provide support and mentoring opportunities for new or existing rural enterprises across the UK and has been funded through a £1.4m grant from BIG. As part of the development of a well informed and Scotland specific plan for delivering the programme over the next two years, we would appreciate views from rural social enterprises, entrepreneurs, support agencies, network managers, policy makers and other stakeholders through this 10minute survey.  


Last week we attended the Scottish Borders Social Enterprise Chamber (SBSEC) AGM.  SBSEC reported having a busy year including converting to a Community Interest Company, and further developing a stronger working relationship with their TSI partner. SBSEC also launched...Read more
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St Magnus International Festival
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CEDAR Project Co-Ordinator
East Dunbartonshire Association for Mental Health (EDAMH)
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Instant Neighbour
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Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
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