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17 Oct 2014

 I wrote last Friday - ‘no one knows what’s coming next in Scotland - it’s great’; been pondering on this.  There has been a collapse of trust in the established order of things in the UK.  Our democracy is seen to have been captured by the interests of a tiny, powerful minority; the political elite underestimates the intelligence of a networked electorate. The extent of the Scottish public’s engagement with our referendum suggests that the practice of politics is undergoing a major revolution.

 I’ve been a community worker most of my life; over the years, many respected colleagues professed themselves Marxists - but I was never a revolutionary - not in their sense.  All we did was offer practical help to whatever it was that local people were motivated to do ‘for the community’: sports, culture, welfare, health - dozens of initiatives - accountable locally - to enhance the common good -the environment.  The important constant - is that participation results in personal empowerment - which can lead anywhere; the confidence to escape from poverty - the impetus to engage with local politics… anywhere at all.

 The networked, self-organising ferment which Scotland currently enjoys - is the kind of society I always dreamed of - where hundreds of thousands of people are coming to similar conclusions.  These numbers can’t possibly all know each other - but more than any time in history - they can be connected.  If all this converges - you get a wave - and this wave can lead to a whole new social order.  No one knows what’s coming next in Scotland; isn’t it marvellous. (Margaret Wheatley’s ‘Emergence’ theory of change resonates with contemporary Scotland). See,


Civil Exchange and the Baring Foundation are to publish a series of thought-leading essays about the future of the third sector. The collection is to be called Making...Read more

The SENs is the name Senscot gives to our work with Social Enterprise Networks (SENs) - both thematic and geographical. SENs provide members with opportunities for peer support, collective action and market development. The vision is of a growing community of 500 frontline social enterprises across Scotland - connected and energised through a network of Networks.

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The SENs: Friday 17th October 2014

Senscot supports 4 thematic SENs and Roundtables – Health; Sport; Community Food; and Culture/Creative – with around 300 SEs members/engaged. This work is supported by Scottish Govt Third Sector Division; the Scottish Govt Health Directorate; Creative Scotland; and Sportscotland. Over the last year, the focus has been on exploring the linkage between the activities of respective thematic SEN members and the scope for joint working. So far, this has seen the establishment of Joint Thematic Roundtables; linking with local SEN Co-ordinators to connect their members with thematic SENs; working with Visit Scotland and Glasgow Marketing Bureau re tourism opportunities relating to sport; culture and community food; and the development of a Map of Support  For further examples of the work of the thematic SENs, see some highlights here

There’s only one week left to throw your hat in the ring for this year’s Dragons’ Den at our SE Conference and Ceilidh, see here. We still have a few day delegate places left for the event but overnight places are now just about at capacity. For info the programme is available here.

A wee reminder the deadline for completing the SE survey is Wed 22nd October. Recently, we referred to our intention to contribute towards a SE Strategy for Scotland over the coming months – to dovetail in with similar emerging ‘strategies’ from...Read more
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