Who Gets Funding? Text to Decide

Who Gets Funding? Text to Decide





In a new ‘interactive’ TV show, television viewers will get to vote on how £66.5m of National Lottery money will be spent


The first part of The People’s Millions  will go out on ITV on Friday in a groundbreaking show run by a partnership between broadcasters and the Big Lottery Fund.


The show consists of a competition for 50 grants of up to £50,000 this year. These grants will aid projects dealing with buildings, amenities, public and green spaces, and the natural environment.


A wide range of organisations can enter the competition for a grant of up to £50,000 for community-based projects. A shortlist of the best projects in each region will be showcased on ITV regional news programmes in autumn. Viewers will vote for the projects they think should win the money.


The public can vote for projects to receive funding via phone, text and online voting.


In the first year of the three-year project, 50 awards of £50,000 will be made. The following year, in addition to the 50 grants, a grant of £1.5m will be made. In the final year, there will be a further grant of up to £50m.


The programme has been devised in response to proposals in the Lottery Bill that there should be more public input into how lottery money is spent.


The money that will be voted on was originally earmarked for the New Opportunities Fund’s Transforming Your Space scheme and will be spent on projects designed to improve the environment in local communities.


‘We will not be putting donkey sanctuaries up against asylum seeker projects. The idea is to create a level playing field,’ said the Big Lottery Fund’s Linda Quinn.


‘The public will get a real sense of how difficult it is to allocate money when there is only a limited pot.’


Source: TFE-news