What Are Our Plans?

What Are Our Plans?
The Ferret



The Ferret is an in-depth investigative journalism platform for Scotland and beyond.


We are a work in progress and will continue to evolve. But our provisional plan over the next year is to conduct a series of investigations, with our readers involved every step of the way.


After polling supporters on what to dig into first, we’re crowdfunding our inaugural investigation which is on the issue of fracking.


You can support the project here: http://igg.me/at/ferretdoesfracking/x


Our longer term aim is to secure enough subscribers to enable us to produce original journalism in the public interest on a regular basis.


We are setting up as a co-operative and building our subscribers into the governance of the organisation.


This means that when you subscribe to The Ferret, you share in the ownership of the project and can stand for election to the board.


We invite you all to become paying supporters.


We also want to build a community of like-minded people:


– those who want to run their own national or local investigations 
– campaign groups with specific areas they’d like to investigate
– citizens who care about the future of Scotland, Britain and the wider world.


We aim to do this through offering our supporters news, resources, training and events. As a community, we could learn from one another.


Diversity is important and we are seeking members and contributors who can bring different gender, race, class and other perspectives to The Ferret.


With everyone’s help and experience, and independent financial backing, we can cover important issues the mainstream media often misses.

Whatever happens, The Ferret will be nosing up the trousers of power.