Voluntary Action Scotland Widens Membership

Voluntary Action Scotland Widens Membership
Voluntary Action Scotland

Scotland’s Councils for Voluntary Service (CsVS) have voted to open membership of their new national body, Voluntary Action Scotland, to Volunteer Centres (VCs).

CsVS across Scotland voted overwhelmingly to extend the membership of VAS to embrace VCs, with a near-95% vote in favour.  VAS Directors will now be having early discussions with colleagues from VCs to ensure their maximum involvement at all levels in shaping and determining the future role and structure of VAS – and helping to ensure it meets the aspirations of all its constituent members.

This agreement is seen by Voluntary Action Scotland (VAS) as a vital step in strengthening the voice, authority and capacity of VAS to represent and support local infrastructure organisations and emerging third sector interfaces.

This landmark decision comes within weeks of the first joint, national conference of CsVS and VCs.

Harry Whiteside, Convener of VAS, said “The acceptance by CsVS of a wider membership model was critical to our future objectives. The recent joint conference demonstrated that CsVS and VCs have much in common, that there was much to be gained by working more closely together – particularly as we move towards the establishment of interfaces within each local authority area.  Over the coming weeks and months we will be having further discussions with colleagues in the social enterprise field to explore the potential for their membership and full involvement. By building a strong foundation of membership that is truly connected to local communities, we will be well served to provide a unique focus at national level on the work of local interfaces and their constituents.”