Voluntary Action Scotland takes shape

Voluntary Action Scotland takes shape
Paul Jump, Third Sector Online

The new umbrella body for Scottish councils for voluntary service has elected its first board and decided on a name.

As a result of a poll carried out last month, Scotland’s 57 CVSs decided the body should be called Voluntary Action Scotland.

They also elected seven national and four regional representatives to sit on its board. A chair will be chosen at the board’s first meeting on 16 April.

Harry Whiteside, chair of the steering group in charge of establishing the body and director of Voluntary Action Lochaber, said the profile of CVSs, which are currently represented by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, would be raised among local and national politicians by the new umbrella group.

She said: ‘We need a more cohesive network that is more recognised. At the moment we are getting lost within SCVO.’

Whiteside said the body had no immediate plans to hire any staff, but might do so at a later date when its strategic direction had been settled.

The full board is set out below.

National representatives:

    * Harry Whiteside, director, Voluntary Action Lochaber
    * Sandy Milne, director, West Lothian CVS
    * Niall Smith, chair, Voluntary Action Highland
    * Gaynor Jones, chief executive, Voluntary Action Orkney
    * Alasdair Nicholson, chief executive, Voluntary Action Lewis
    * Helen Macneil, chief executive, Glasgow CVS
    * Kenny Murphy, chief officer, Falkirk CVS

Regional representatives:

    * Helen Rorrison, chief executive, East Fife CVS
    * Don Hunter Grant, director, Annandale & Eskdale CVS
    * Jessie MacNeil, chief executive, Voluntary Action Barra & Vatersay
    * Fiona Skilling, chief executive, East Ayrshire CVS