Vital Stats

Vital Stats
Senscot, July, 2010

In late 2009, Senscot carried out a pilot `Vital Stats Survey` on three Social Enterprise Networks (SENs) – Aberdeen, Dundee and Clackmannanshire. Vital Stats look to record key information with regard to a social enterprise’s economic activity. The thinking behind this approach came through local SEN meetings where members felt that such information would be of great help to them in their negotiations/discussions with their respective local authorities – particularly in light of the current economic climate as well as the emergence of the Single Interface as means of linkage between the public and third sectors

Senscot now wishes to extend this survey to 8 SENs. This would include re-visiting the three above and adding another five SENs – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, Dumfries and Galloway and Inverclyde or Perth (tbc). Our approach is to focus on 4 `city Networks` and four `regional Networks`. In doing so, Vital Stats can demonstrate, in quantifiable terms,  the growth and development of the social enterprise community over recent years – in employment terms, trading percentages and as significant contributors to the local economy. We have commissioned Community Enterprise Ltd to assist us with this work.

The information sought includes: Staff numbers (F/T and P/T); Volunteers; Board Members; Trainees; Trading income (as % of turnover); Grant income (as% of turnover); Assets; plus additional relevant information.

The intention is to measure the contribution Social Enterprise Network members are making to their local economies both in an individual organisational capacity as well as collectively as a Network. It is also intended that the template developed can be re-visited over time to reflect the growth of the sector and, with it, the increasing contribution of the local social enterprise community.

Results for the pilot phase (as at March 2010) included:

• Aberdeen SEN: Joint turnover £19m; 62% through trading; employing 386 staff/352 volunteers.
• Dundee SEN: Joint turnover £6.5m; 70% through trading; employing 202 staff/112 volunteers.
• Clacks SEN: Joint turnover £2m; 67% through trading; employing 62 staff/38 volunteers.

July 2010