Villagers reject Skye ferry offer

Villagers reject Skye ferry offer 





People living in the west Highlands have rejected a plan to become the first community in Scotland to own and operate its own ferry.


The boat operates on a crossing between Kylerhea on Skye and Glenelg which has been used since Viking times.


Owner Roddy Macleod gave the local community first refusal on the six-car ferry – but the people of Glenelg voted by 60 to 39 to reject his offer. The disappointed skipper said he would now put the boat on the open market.


He remains hopeful that a buyer can be found for the Glenachulish, which will resume its service in the spring. However, if there is no interest it will spell the end for one of the last crossings over the sea to Skye.


The privately-operated ferry has served the five-minute crossing for the last 14 years. The ferry can take up to six cars and runs as often as it is required between March and October.


However, there are fears among some Glenelg residents that it will not be able to compete with a toll-free Skye Bridge. Highland councillor Charlie King has also warned that the service and one other route could be threatened by the end of the toll regime.


Source: BBC