Use it or lose it: Public urged to shop local and support businesses during lockdown

Edinburgh News, by Elsa Maishman
13th May 2020

Many businesses have adapted during lockdown.

Edinburgh City Council has joined with the Federation of Small Businesses and Edinburgh Social Enterprise have joined together to call on residents to shop locally and support local businesses during lockdown.

Council Leader Adam McVey warned shoppers that if they want local businesses to still be open when the pandemic is over they need to use them now.

He said: “Life during lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy or support our local high streets and there are now so many ways we can back the Edinburgh businesses we know and love. If you want your favourite places to still be there for you when the outbreak is over, please be there for them now.

“Where I live in Leith, there are dozens of incredible bakeries, bars, cafes and gift shops offering safe ways to collect products for those who are able to visit in person.

“For those of us at home, we don’t need to rely on multinational companies to deliver what we need. So please, if you’re lucky enough to be able to help, take a look at the diverse options on offer and stay loyal to local.”

Garry Clark of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) said that there is ‘huge potential’ for shopping locally to remain popular even after lockdown measures are lifted.

He said: “Shopping locally, online or otherwise, has been a firm feature of lockdown and is likely to remain with us for some time to come.

“Small local shops are ideally placed for the increasing number of people staying at home right now and there is huge potential for this to become part of our lives when the lockdown process eventually begins to unwind. Supporting local businesses has never been more important but it has never been easier either.”

Claire Pattullo, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Social Enterprise, added: “Social Enterprises rely on trade rather than grants or charitable donations to support their social benefits and they are being particularly hard hit at this time.

“Please make a conscious choice to support Edinburgh’s Social Enterprise sector and help protect the vital services they provide and that are even more in demand than ever.

“Edinburgh has a diverse Social Enterprise sector selling goods and services ranging from bespoke handmade furniture to recycled bikes, venue spaces and mental health first aid training.

“All profits support their social benefits, such as homelessness; training and employment, and at the moment making sure vulnerable individuals have access to food and relief from the effects of isolation.

“When you buy from a member of Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network or where you see the Buy The Good Stuff logo, you are supporting social good.”