Upgrading Business Gateway

Upgrading Business Gateway


Scottish Enterprise

August 2006



Work has started on a project which will see a major development in the information available through the Business Gateway Website. Plans are being put in place to syndicate the content of the Business Link website, the equivalent of Business Gateway, south of the border.


The new approach will mean:


 • Over 7000 pages of maintained business information

 • 440 downloadable guides

 • 62 interactive business tools, covering every aspect of setting up and maintaining your business.


 Business Link have already completed a successful syndication project in Northern Ireland, with the resulting _website_

http://rdsend.com/clk.php?c=Qsiw8G2YdXwFNGs9  being launched recently.


 Business Gateway is planning to follow a similar route. Part of the project involves assessing the content and making all the necessary adjustments to ensure that it is relevant in Scotland. Local  information will be added wherever appropriate to ensure that the site continues to reflect the local Gateway services.


 Start up Action Plan launched


 A brand new tool is available on the Business Gateway website. Designed to help people think through the issues associated with starting up on their own, the tool is simple to use and provides the reader with a personalised action plan, designed to address the areas where they still need to put in work. There is advice about where to find additional information and which events might be relevant.


The Start Up Action Plan (previously delivered off line as ‘The Health Check for Pre-start businesses’) has been successfully piloted in Glasgow and Edinburgh and will be available to all users via the website from 9th August. You can preview it now at www.bgateway.com/pg-bg-startup-action-plan


Source: Scottish Enterprise