Update from SiSE: Students into Social Enterprise

Update from SiSE: Students into Social Enterprise        

A further update regarding the launch of SiSE: the new student placement directory for Social Enterprises in Scotland.
* A test version of SiSE website has launched which you can see at: www.siseup.co.uk
* As you can see on the website from our interactive ‘Placement Map’ feature, since the launch of the site last month,  we have got a great mix of social enterprises from across Scotland signing up to provide placement opportunities to the students.
* To give you an example: we are recruiting a group of students from Napier University to help develop a brand identity for muesli bars for Cherry Road: a centre in Midlothian that cares for adults with learning disabilities. This is a short term project lasting 2-3 weeks.
* We are keen to get more social enterprises involved! so please do keep spreading the word across your networks.
* Placement opportunities can be unpaid or paid, can meet any specific need or skills shortage within a social enterprise, can be of any length or period of time- for a short term 2 week placement to a summer placement.

Where to upload details of a placement
* Social Enterprise can upload details of any number of placements by visiting the following link: http://www.siseup.co.uk/social-enterprise.php

Any questions?
* If you have any questions regarding the placement process, have any problems registering your placement or would like to have a chat about what is involved, feel free to call me on 07971003132 or email with dates/time best suited for catching up.

Background to SiSE
* The SiSE project is part of a bigger Government pilot project to help foster greater engagement in social enterprise amongst staff and students in higher education across Scotland.
* SiSE initially involves 7 of Scotland’s Universities: Aberdeen College, University of Highlands and Islands, Stirling University, Napier University, Queen Margaret University, Glasgow Caledonian University and Strathclyde University