Update from Ideas for Ears

Awards recognise best & worst examples of hearing access

Ideas for Ears has joined forces with the community group Forth Valley Hearing Access Forum to run the UK’s first-ever Hearing Access Awards. 12 worthy winners and six worst offenders were identified, each one representing great or terrible experiences that people with hearing loss have had.  Read more about the Awards here.  See why these 6 individuals and these 6 organisations won.  Decide if you agree with these 6 biggest fails.

Are you enabling or disabling people with hearing loss?   

Hearing access, like physical access, is vital for inclusion and equality, especially among older age groups where numbers with hearing loss are at their highest.  To help social enterprises develop a working knowledge of hearing access and how to deliver it, Ideas for Ears is running short, impactful workshops.  You can book a 2-hour workshop for you and your team from just £120.  Ideas for Ears is Scotland’s lead authority on hearing access.  Ask for a workshop.