Two weeks study programme in India



28th March to 8th April, 2011


MANAVODAYA: Institute of Participatory Development, Lucknow




Do you know that 


• People-based development is a process that builds on people’s own capacity and resources. It is, therefore, usually sustainable & replicable.


• People-based development is practical and feasible even among the very poor and illiterate.


• The process can be initiated among people by outside facilitation.

• There is much rhetoric surrounding the subject. Successful facilitation of people based development calls for a clear vision and strategy as well as a suitable attitude 
among practitioners.


This study programme based in a grassroots setting in India explains how. The programme is of special value to those who wish to pursue a career in development studies, project administration or implementation in various international development projects or aid institutions.




1. Towards a Paradigm Shift in Development
2. Understanding Poverty and Exclusion
3. People Based Development : Concept, Methods, Sustainability
4. The Change Agent : Identification & Training
5. Values for Development with focus on Integral Yoga
6. Practical experience sharing : Classroom sessions are combined with field visits allowing direct interaction with villagers.  




The programme is conducted in English.




Manavodaya Institute of Participatory Development works directly with the poor in rural Uttar Pradesh, promoting a process of Self Help and Empowerment among them.  The institution was set up in 1985 for undertaking direct action, training and research in participatory development with focus on processes of change that are sustainable and replicable.


For past fifteen years, the institute has been regularly undertaking short intensive courses on concepts and methods of participatory development and self – help approaches for professionals / workers of various institutions like banks, NGOs and officials of various development projects including those supported by World Bank , UNICEF and other international agencies. Programmes offered at the institute have a unique feature of combining  theoretical and practical  perspectives on people-based development derived from several years of direct grassroots involvement. 


The international course is an annual event  being undertaken since 1998 and has attracted participants from The United States, Europe, Africa and neighboring SAARC countries.




The course faculty has been drawn from senior staff at the institute  and  leading academic institutions in India, who have been associated with people-based programmes .


The programme directors, Dr. Amla Vidyarthi and Mr. Varun Vidyarthi have a multi disciplinary background and have been working on participatory  development issues in rural India for the last twenty five years. They have conducted courses on themes of self help and empowerment for professionals for fifteen years. Varun has occupied Visiting Faculty positions at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK and the East West Centre, Hawaii, USA.  Both Amla and Varun have extensively toured in rural South Asia for studies and meetings with practitioners of people-based development.




Clarity of vision, a right attitude and grassroots perspective are essential prerequisites for meaningful development intervention anywhere. The course enables the participants to develop these in a stimulating context of grassroots intervention in rural India. In our earlier programmes, these have often led to a new direction and thinking in the lives and work of the participants. We also hope that this would eventually influence the decisions taken by development support institutions at international level making them more people-oriented and relevant from the standpoint of the poor.


Excerpts from written feedback of participants from earlier programmes :


“Such a programme will not only help in alleviation of poverty but also inspire persons to move towards self-reliance. I can say with confidence that the direction provided  by this workshop can form the basis of economic and spiritual development of all including the poor.”


“The programme provided a revolutionary new direction to life contributing to a lot of peace and satisfaction too.”


“The atmosphere of the institute is excellent, far from city crowds and peaceful. Here I was never treated as a student, instead we got an affectionate family like environment, which helped us in seeing life closely.”




Boarding and lodging of participants is arranged at the hostel in the institute campus in Lucknow., which has a simple, clean & healthy living atmosphere. All participants are expected to stay on campus during the course. The course fees includes the cost of boarding & lodging.




The total cost of the programme is USD 1200 per participant.  This includes course fees, boarding & lodging costs and field excursion costs. The fees also covers logistic arrangements like travel to and from the airport / railway station. 


There is a special discount on fees for students. For them the cost is USD 800 per student.




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