Triodos Announces Opportunity to Invest

Triodos Announces Opportunity to Invest




Triodos Bank, which has pioneered sustainable banking across Europe, has launched its first ever open opportunity to buy shares (Depository Receipts) ¹ in the UK. From Monday 14 May UK investors can own part of a bank that has financed thousands of Europe’s most inspiring ethical enterprises – from its first forays into renewable energy finance following the Chernobyl disaster, to increasingly significant support for fair trade, organics and social enterprise. It’s a bank built on savings and investments from a rapidly growing community of individuals and organisations who care about the impact of their money. 


Key Facts:

Triodos Bank is launching its first open capital raising offering in the UK
Triodos has pioneered sustainable banking, by only lending to organisations that benefit people and the environment.

The Bank offers a compelling combination of social, environmental and financial returns.

Triodos Bank has grown quickly and profitably in recent years. Money invested will be used to support further growth; in particular, more lending to sustainable organisations, and the development of a new office in Germany.

“We’re a radically different kind of bank because we put people and the environment alongside profit,” said UK Managing Director, Charles Middleton today. “We start from the idea that money can transform the world for the better. And we connect people who have money to save and invest and want to change the world, with organisations doing just that.”


Triodos’ model has proved successful. It now has funds under management worth almost £2 billion, over 100,000 customers across a European network of offices. It’s grown markedly in recent years by tapping into growth industries like organics and fair trade, and expansion has been particularly marked in the UK. Last year the UK branch’s loan book increased by over 40% and its balance sheet recently passed a milestone of £300 million – money that’s lent to values-led organisations, like high-street natural health and beauty company, Neal’s Yard Remedies. “Working with Triodos Bank makes sense professionally and philosophically,” says Neal’s Yard Owner, Peter Kindersley. “We strive to be ethical and sustainable throughout our business, from who we borrow from to the products we sell.”


The issue of Depository Receipts[1] launches on the 14 May and runs until 21 July. Triodos Bank is hoping to raise  €40 million, or around £27 million, as part of a pan-European effort to attract more capital for the Bank. The money will be used to support further growth, so it can lend more money to more ethical organisations and to support the development of a new office in Germany. Triodos Bank already has over 9,000 Depository Receipt holders across Europe, including a small number in the UK, but this is the first open opportunity for the wider public to invest.


“We’ve proved that sustainable business can help tackle the most urgent problems we face. And we’re delighted that people now have the opportunity to invest in us,” said UK Managing Director, Charles Middleton.


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