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The Health SEN is a national support network for social enterprises active in delivering health and wellbeing outcomes and who clearly identify and define themselves in relation to health and wellbeing.  The Health SEN is a diverse network, with members playing a crucial role in addressing health inequalities and tackling a wide range of health & wellbeing needs at both an individual and community level.   A key strength of the Health SEN is the members’ eagerness to engage with a wide range of policy initiatives, recognising the importance of how these interact and subsequently impact upon the communities that they are embedded within. 

The Health SEN welcomes any social enterprises (and aspiring social enterprises) that seek to make a positive impact on health and well-being as new members to the Network.  

 The Health SEN aims to be informed on health and social care legislation and initiatives which support innovative practices to healthy communities, working towards three key outcomes:  

  • Grassroots level social enterprises are better informed, encouraged, networked and supported.  
  • Members make a better contribution to policy development (local and national) and increase the value they bring to local communities economically, socially and environmentally.  
  • More collaborative working amongst members, increasing their capacity and role in delivering services in their respective communities.  

A monthly Social Enterprise Health & Wellbeing Newsletter is available to anyone interested in the SEN or work of SEN members. 

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Next SEN Meeting

Health SEN session


An opportunity to connect with other social enterprises who have a health & wellbeing focus. An informal session amongst Health SEN members to connect, discuss common issues, consider relevant policy areas & developments and to share your challenges and successes. If you’re not already a member of the Health SEN, you can find more information…


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SE Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – May 2022

14 June 2022

Last week we held a Joint Health & Community Food SEN meeting, with Chris Martin (Social Enterprise Scotland CEO) participating in the session to hear from SEN members on what they need from the new Single Enhanced Intermediary in relation to thematic SEN activity. Thank you to everyone who participated and to the speakers from…

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