Theatre production to celebrate history of Women’s Centre

To celebrate its 25th Anniversary this year, the North West Women’s Centre is teaming up with Theatre Nemo to produce a theatre and music performance.

The show will highlight the challenges and celebrate the achievements of the centre over it’s 25-year history. This project is open to Women only and preferable from the North West of Glasgow. There are two sessions available.

The Women’s Centre and Theatre Nemo were first connected through the Pockets & Prospects project, which brought together social enterprises to develop a collaborative approach to tackling loneliness and social isolation – and to mitigate the impact of welfare reform

Music Group – Thursday’s 12:30pm – 2:30pm
This group will create some original work with composer Gregg Muir and may also use song’s chosen by the group that represent the themes of the production. The group will perform as a choral ensemble and as part of the dramatisation of the centres history. 

Friday’s 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Working with theatre director Tara Jade Stewart the group will rehearse a performance which highlights some of the key points in the history of the centre. The production is scripted however there is also space for creating and devising within the process.

Participants are welcome to be part of both groups.

This project starts on the 24th January, anyone with an interest in this project should contact or call the office on 0141 559 4941