The Welsh dragon takes on the Scots

The Welsh dragon takes on the Scots
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A Welsh social enterprise has taken out the impact leader top-spot in the October issue of Social Enterprise magazine – proving that the Welsh dragons are ready to put up a fight in this year’s RBS SE100 Index.

Each month Social Enterprisemagazine takes a look at particular regions, drawing out case studies of some of the best performers signed up to the index so far.

For the October issue of the magazine, the SE100 team looked at organisations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The organisations that bagged the top grower spot came from Scotland. This is in keeping with last year’s index where the Scots put in a good showing. Scotland was the third most successful region in terms of the number of social business activities. It also posted a high average growth of 23 per cent, the average turnover in the country of organisations on the index was £2.2m and, on average, the Scots scored 47.5 per cent on the impact measurement test.

The Welsh, by comparison, lagged behind with growth at 16 per cent, average turnover at £500,000 and an impact measurement score of 43.65 per cent.

However, our snapshots this month show a Welsh organisation leading the three regions when it comes to reporting on impact and we can reveal that at this early stage a large proportion of Welsh entrants are growing strongly too.

Northern Ireland struggled to make it on to the index last year and unfortunately we weren’t able to highlight a Northern Ireland organisation for either growth or impact in the October issue of the magazine. But, it’s early days! This year’s index doesn’t close until March 2011, and with more organisations from all over the UK joining up every day who knows what might happen!

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