The Wee Govan Pipers

The Wee Govan Pipers
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They’re 10 years old. They’re Scottish, Chinese and Nigerian. They can reduce a grown policeman to tears.


The wee govan pipers traces the roller-coaster journey of the first new Pipe Band in Govan for generations. In just 18-months, the children go from picking up the pipes for the first time, to competing in the world’s largest Schools Pipe Band Championships.


“Heart-warming documentary with a sense of humour” 
―Music News Scotland


“A story of laughs, tears and bagpipes, and it packs a surprising political punch” 
―Third Force News


The band is the brainchild of local charities, on a mission to give the new multi-cultural generation a chance at the musical big time… and give pupils at State schools the same opportunity as those in private schools to learn Scotland’s national instrument.


Features bag-rockers Red Hot Chili Pipers and legendary piper Rona Lightfoot. Narration and original music by Ewen Henderson of Mànran.


This one-hour BBC film is based on a short that won a Royal Television Society Scotland Award. 
One hour. English & Scottish Gaelic (with English subtitles). A media co-op production for BBC ALBA