The Money Seminar

The Money Seminar

Lunch Presentation for Bankers
Geneva, 19th October 2010


“Understanding and changing behaviour patterns related to money”


Executive Summary:


People relate to money in an infinite variety of ways. These ways correspond to and follow a logic related to what they choose to think about money, because money is nothing more than a thought or an idea projected on to an empty screen – on to a piece of paper, metal, or thin-air in terms of an account entry.


To the extent that people are aware of this mechanism and the thoughts they are projecting, money serves them and they master money. To the extent they are not aware of the process or the thoughts they are projecting, they will have the impression that their lives are being controlled by money, either feeling the need to run after it if they project positive qualities – for example: security, happiness or freedom; or the need to run away from it if the qualities are negative – for example: dirty, heavy, evil.


At the heart of the convergence of the current global social, economic and financial crises, and barely yet recognized, is our individual relation to money*. By going back to first principles and re-cognizing how money works – through the process of projection – then re-membering, re-claiming and re-integrating to oneself the projections that one has made unconsciously, it is possible to free oneself from rigid thought forms that are driving patterned behaviour; and from belief systems about reality which may have a solid appearance, but are not realistic. One is then freer to respond to life circumstances, including financial ones, in a way that is constructive for oneself and everyone else. This process, once extended into the collective, opens up new avenues for meeting global challenges, including financial and systemic ones.


Download flyer for the workshop in London, 16th-17th April, 2011 here