The Margaret Wheatley Event

The Margaret Wheatley Event
CLD Standards Council for Scotland

Whatever the Problem, Community is the Answer: Margaret Wheatley, Ed.D.

Tuesday 5th June
10.15am – 1.30pm
Trades Hall, Glasgow

The CLD Standards Council for Scotland is delighted to invite you to spend a morning with Margaret Wheatley, internationally acclaimed speaker and writer on leadership and change. This event is part of our Ideas Academy programme, building on dialogue and conversation surrounding the CLD contribution to Scotland as a Learning Society.

Margaret Wheatley writes, teaches and speaks about how we might accomplish our work, sustain our relationships and willingly step forward to serve in this troubling time. She works from the belief that whatever the problem, community is the answer. We are honoured to be hosting her first event in Scotland. She writes:

Our greatest resource to get through difficult times has, until lately, been neglected. It is community, the web of our interconnections, the safety net of caring that we extend to one another when life is hard.  We are now coming to realise that humans only persevere through difficulties when we’re truly together.

It is time for us to relearn how to live and work together based on values of relationship, interdependence and interconnectedness, and for leaders to re-imagine their role as supporting the work of others: to convert from Hero to Host.

To rediscover the resource of community includes:

* Discovering the capacities of people we may have ignored or discounted
* Anticipating conflict as the inevitable consequence of interconnectedness and working with the information conflict always provides
* Ensuring time to think together on a regular basis

On the 5th June, we will come together to reflect on this learning. Scotland’s own Carol Craig, Centre for Confidence and Well-Being, will set the local scene for us before we hear an international perspective on how communities can harness their own ingenuity, intelligence and inventiveness to change the world.

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