The Fred Edwards Trust Lecture

The Fred Edwards Trust Lecture
New Economics Foundation
June 2013

The Fred Edwards Trust Lecture 2013, 6 for 6.30 pm, Wednesday 19 June, Edinburgh City Chambers

We hope you will be able to join us for the 2013 Fred Edwards Trust Lecture : "An Economic Model for the 21st Century: Can Scotland thrive with a new economic model that delivers wellbeing and social justice within environmental limits?" which will be delivered by Dr Tim Jenkins, Director of External Affairs and Great Transitions for the New Economics Foundation.

Among the many uncertainties and unanswered questions that have dominated the debate on Scotland’s constitutional destiny, it seems that the future economic model is one of the few areas where the status quo is almost unanimously accepted as a given. The assumption that we need to pursue the overarching goal of economic growth and measure our success as a nation largely in economic terms is seldom challenged.

Yet, under the prevailing model, Scotland has developed deep-rooted social problems, where in some families the legacy from one generation to the next is measured not in terms of property or wealth but in poor physical and mental wellbeing and premature death. Can the traditional economic model deliver future generations from a similar fate?

Scotland is not alone in facing immense challenges in living within its environmental means at home, while also trying not to make matters worse for other nations, who are already dealing with the consequences of climate change and environmental exploitation. As a small nation, could Scotland adopt an economic model with environmental sustainability rather than sustained economic growth at its heart?

Dr Tim Jenkins will address these and other questions when he considers an alternative economic model for Scotland’s future, whatever the outcome of the referendum in 2014.

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