The Equality Trust

The Equality Trust

The Equality Trust was founded in 2009 by Bill Kerry, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.

The Trust’s Aims:

Working to promote employee-owned organisations and businesses;
Liaising with ethical investments funds to promote equality employers;
Commissioning research on equality issues;
Publishing material relating to equality issues;
Lobbying politicians and policy-makers at all levels;
Engaging with all forms of the media to promote the equality message;
Giving prizes at our Annual Conference for the best equality initiatives.

We believe that in order to gain substantial improvements in the real quality of life of the populations of developed countries it is necessary that differences in income and wealth are greatly reduced.

The evidence suggests that this will improve health, dramatically reduce the incidence of violence and a wide range of other social problems, improve the quality of social relations for the vast majority of the population, and make the task of developing sustainable economic systems very much easier. For more information please see the Why More Equality? section of our website.

However, differences in income and wealth will only be reduced when there is a widespread public understanding of the benefits which greater equality can bring to all of us.

A program of public education is essential to generate the necessary political will among the electorate and politicians alike.

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