The Enterprising Third Sector Action Plan

The Enterprising Third Sector Action Plan
Scottish Government


The Action Plan consists of the following objectives:


1. Opening markets to an enterprising third sector


• The public sector market: working with purchasers to recognise the benefits of contracting with an  enterprising third sector including their contribution to delivering national outcomes
• The public sector market: working with the third sector to make organisations better able to compete for and win contracts
• Developing social-to-social business
• Encouraging collaboration with the private sector


2. Investing more intelligently


• Direct investment in an enterprising third sector
• Measuring social return
• Collaboration between funders and development of new funds
• Finance training for the third sector


3. Promoting social entrepreneurship


• Providing funding to support social entrepreneurs
• Promoting social entrepreneurship in schools and colleges


4. Investing in skills, learning and leadership across the third sector


• Funding for skills
• Developing the learning infrastructure
• Improving governance


5. Providing support for business growth


• Creating an effective supply of business development support
• Mentoring for an enterprising third sector


6. Raising the profile of enterprise in the third sector


• Supporting third sector infrastructure
• Awards
• International exchange and learning


7. Developing the evidence base


• Demonstrating the value of the third sector
• Increasing our knowledge of the third sector in Scotland



See Action Plan in full here