The Courtyard Café

The Courtyard Café


Article from The Evening Times, by Deborah Anderson


A Unique new community café opened its doors offering fresh food and employment opportunities to a north-west Glasgow community. 


The Courtyard Café, Westercommon, is a partnership between Queens Cross Housing Association and mental health recovery charity Flourish House. 


As well as affordable meals, cakes and coffees five days a week, the café will provide employment and volunteering opportunities to people in the community who have experienced mental ill health. 


The area is currently classified among the top 5% most deprived areas in Scotland (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2016). The partnership seeks to address issues of social isolation and food poverty which often accompany economic disadvantage. 


The project is led by the Association’s Head of Social Regeneration and Digital Business Audrey Simpson. 


She said: “The local community told us having a café in The Courtyard was important to them and we’re thrilled to be working with Flourish House, who are closely aligned to our vision and values, to make this a reality. 


“The café is a safe, comfortable place for residents to socialise and enjoy high quality, affordable food and drinks.” 


Colin Rutherford, chairman of Flourish House said: “This is a really exciting new partnership for Flourish House and Queens Cross. 
“We want to live in a society where people who have mental health difficulties are valued as neighbours, colleagues and friends. The café is a great way to do this, providing transitional employment and volunteering opportunities.” 


Tommy Hedivan has been a Queens Cross tenant for 15 years and a member of Flourish House for 16 years. 


He said: “Both Queens Cross and Flourish House have made a really big difference to my life. When I was in hospital a few years ago the support I got from both organisations was fantastic. 


“Flourish staff have helped me into a number of employment opportunities, and the home Queens Cross provide me has changed my life. 


“I think the Courtyard Café is going to be a great boost for the area, for Flourish House and for Queens Cross.” 



Courtyard cafe  
2 Westercommon Drive
G22 5PG   
Tel: 0141 945 3003