The Big Vote

About The Big Vote
Scottish Community Alliance

The Big Vote grew out of a concern that the independence debate had become monopolised by politicians and was being conducted in increasingly aggressive tones that were alienating ordinary people and making the debate more difficult to engage with. As the countdown to September 18th 2014 gathers pace, it is our aspiration that this crucial debate is opened up to a much wider audience and that new opportunities should emerge which help as many people as possible to explore the complex and important issues at the heart of the question – should Scotland be an independent country? We see the Big Vote as just one of these opportunities.

The Big Vote is a programme of community based events hosted by local organisations, supported and promoted by the Scottish Community Alliance. Each event aims to explore what each of the options on the table would mean in the day to day lives of Scotland’s communities. Representatives from Yes Scotland and Better Together campaigns have agreed that local representatives will be present to contribute their different perspectives at each of the events. In addition, Scottish Community Alliance aims to invite well known speakers who hold different perspectives on what the future of Scotland should look like, in order to provoke discussion and new thinking. 
The Big Vote aims to create a ‘safe’ opportunity for local people to debate and explore some of the big issues related to the independence question in an environment which is mutually respectful of all sides of the argument. The Big Vote organisers recognise that whatever the outcome of the referendum, life will go on and everyone will need to adjust to the result.
The Scottish Community Alliance is a coalition of the major networks and intermediaries that support Scotland’s community sector  ( The SCA was formed because these community based networks recognise that they have a shared commitment to the increased empowerment of local communities. 

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