Survey for Scotland’s Food & Drink Industry

Survey for Scotland’s Food & Drink Industry

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this short survey which is being conducted by the School of Business, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh on behalf of the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition to scope the economic contribution social enterprises make to Scotland’s Food & Drink Industry.

It is hoped that the findings will be of real use to all members of the Coalition and provide a sound basis for understanding more about the sector. The survey should strongly assist in informing discussions on this important area of activity, particularly investment. Your responses to this survey will not be anonymous in that you are asked to provide contact information to identify your organisation.

This is essential to eliminate the possibilities of double-counting and so on. However, importantly, the results will be anonymised in other words there will be no identifiable connection between the published and presented reported findings and any individual organisation. Through completion of the questionnaire your consent to participate in this research is greatly appreciated, however, it is entirely optional and should you wish, you may withdraw from participation at any time.

Prize Draw. As a thank you for helping us with this research your name will be entered into a draw for the opportunity to win a two night stay at Six Mary’s Place Guest House in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. There are also 5 boxes of Hebridean Chocolates to give away.

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