SURF Launches 2011 Manifesto

SURF Launches 2011 Manifesto
Delivering Community Regeneration in Hard Times

2011 SURF Manifesto

SURF has finalised production of its 2011 manifesto for community regeneration. This follows a consultative process led by SURF Chair Stephen Maxwell from Autumn 2010.

The manifesto is being presented to the main political parties in advance of the 2011 Scottish Parliament elections. SURF calls on the new administration to:

    * Protect disadvantaged communities from the full weight of budget cuts
    * Empower communities by giving them greater control over their future
    * Invest to lay foundations of more sustainable regeneration

Please click here to download a copy of the manifesto from the SURF website.

The manifesto will be a key topic of discussion at SURF’s Annual Conference next week. SURF is also hosting a special event based on the manifesto content in the Scottish Parliament