Stronger communities

10 Actions for stronger communities from the SNP Manifesto: April 2007


Devolvement of power from local authorities to communities themselves whenever possible


Consideration of ways to transfer under-used public assets into community ownership without the need for ministerial approval


Piloting of a community empowerment scheme within deprived communities, with the aim of giving those the ability to opt for empowered status and allowing local people to co-manage a proportion of public spending and services


Consultation on extension of HIE’s role in community land purchase to cover the whole of Scotland


Extension of the involvement of the voluntary sector as providers of public services and drivers of community development


Consultation on measures designed to enable new models of community management of facilities within L.A. control


Review of role of community councils, devolving greater responsibilities to them as appropriate


Improvement of community sports facilities in conjunction with local authorities (via the development of local facility strategies)


Creation of Community Energy Plans to allow communities to identify their own needs (and then contact with suppliers to deliver community-based generation and energy saving solutions)


Speeding up the development of forest crofts across Scotland and acting on the findings of the Crofting Inquiry chaired by Professor Shucksmith