Streetwork to open coffee shop rival to Starbucks

Streetwork to open coffee shop rival to Starbucks
Graham Willgoss
Third Sector

The homelessness charity Streetwork is planning to create an  upmarket coffee shop run by homeless people that it hopes will rival  major chains such as Starbucks.

The organisation, which is based in Edinburgh, said its Higher Ground  scheme will train about 40 homeless recruits to work in the shop and  boost their job prospects. It has already run two successful pilot  projects in the Scottish capital.

‘We plan to create an upmarket establishment that can beat the big  companies like Starbucks and Costa,’ said Tam Hendry, managing director  of Streetwork.

‘Apart from having a main coffee shop, we hope to have satellite units  across the city. I would like to base them at cashpoints where people  beg. We will be competing directly with people begging – which they  won’t like – but we will support them and show them they can make money  by selling coffee instead.’

Streetwork is currently looking for shop premises in Edinburgh. The  project will be funded with a grant of £272,000 from the Scottish  Executive.