Statistical Consultancy

Statistical Consultancy
Scottish Govt

As part of programme of continuing professional development for statistical and analytical colleagues in the Scottish Government, we want to identify very short sharp projects (up to 10 person days) where statistical or analytical skills could make a difference to your organisation at no cost to you.

The way this would work is small groups of Scottish Government analysts (1-4 people) act as a statistical consultancy to solve problems for you. This could involve work like bringing together evidence, management and analysis of data you hold, presenting evidence with impact or helping structure and quantify strategic problems.

It may mean working from your offices or from our offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. If this is something that you think your organisation could benefit from, please get in touch with Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician at the Scottish Government by e-mail:

It is planned to offer this on an ongoing basis, though there may well need to be some prioritisation.  As such, can you respond by Friday 5th April to be considered in the initial round giving a summary of the work and its potential impact for you.