SSEC and Triodos Bank Environmental report

This research surveys the environmental behaviour of social enterprises across Scotland. It looks at what they do, how they do it and what effect it has on their business. It also examines what legislative and practical barriers exist, preventing them from doing more. The findings are startling. Not only is social enterprise far greener than the wider business sector, its approach creates genuine economic benefits from which all other sectors can learn. At a time of great environmental and economic uncertainty, social enterprise offers innovative, grounded solutions to complex, far-reaching problems; as such, the path trodden by social enterprises deserves to be followed. In terms of environmental and economic sustainability, social enterprise is breaking new ground.

Undertaken during the summer of 2007, these findings add to the burgeoning policy debate surrounding environmental practices in business, and go some way to redressing the paucity of research into social enterprise, particularly in Scotland.

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