Sport for Development in Scotland

Sport for Development in Scotland
March 2015


There is growing recognition that sport has great potential to be used as a tool to reach beyond sport activity alone and make a significant contribution to personal, community, national and international development objectives.
In Scotland, this recognition is already being assessed in term of the ability of sport to:


·         engage and enable the development of young people
·         move people closer to employment, education and training
·         impact on the local economy via employment & opportunities e.g. activity tourism
·         build resilient communities with sports clubs as community anchor organisations
·         improve the health and wellbeing of older people and those with chronic conditions
·         enable the development of physical literacy in pre-school children
·         impact on crime prevention via diversionary youth activities
·         encourage use of sustainable transport via development of cycling programmes 



International Day for Sport for Development and Peace


April 6th has been designated as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, or IDSDP.   As everyone in the Sport SEN is in their own way using sport to make a difference, we’ll be taking over Senscot’s social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) to highlight all the amazing differences being made in communities across Scotland.


We’ll be engaging media outlets across Scotland, the UK, and the world in order to draw attention to the sector and the success stories that are going on throughout the network. IDSDP has been made official by the United Nations and is being managed by the Sport for Development Platform.


We’re currently gathering photos, videos and short stories to help us highlight the work being done by the Sports SEN.


On April 6th, the day of IDSDP 2015, we’ll be tweeting using the hashtag #sport4betterworld – if you’ve anything you’d like us to share send it to or and tune in on the 6th to join the conversation!​


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