Social Return on Investment (SROI) update

Social Return on Investment (SROI) update





In December 2003 we reported on a pilot toolkit by the New Economics Foundation for measuring the social value of investments – Social Return on Investment (SROI).


SROI mirrors standard financial measures of economic return, but attempts to show how organisations create broader value. This is done by assigning monetary values to a range of non-financial performance indicators and creating a ‘blended value’.


Acceptance of SROI could, it was argued, be used to strengthen the case of social economy organisations when bidding for funds, introduce an objective measure for grant-giving, and enable companies to measure the impact of their corporate social responsibility activities. It could also influence the way public bodies procure for services. (click here for story).


The pilot research, both in summary and full format, is now available.


Additionally, David Aeron-Thomas, one of the authors of the research, is speaking on the subject at an Equal Funding event, ‘Social Return on Investment’ in Glasgow on 18 February 2004.