Social Firms Sucess Stories

Thursday 22nd September
The Scotsman, Edinburgh

Social Firms offer real jobs, training and work experience for people furthest from the labour market in a supportive and inclusive working environment, free from stigma and discrimination.  People are valued for their abilities and are supported and encouraged to participate.

As the economic uncertainly continues, there is heightened need for strategies to engage those most distanced from the labour market. Social Firms can act as a stepping stone for some people on their way to open employment, or serve as the ultimate employment goal for others who would have difficulty in retaining a job in a mainstream company.

 If the most disadvantaged people do not receive the intensive support they need this will lead to greater long term cost.  Increasing an individual’s employability is obviously necessary and important but there needs to be jobs for people to access at the end of this process.  Social Firms exist to create these jobs.

Please join us to hear about some of the Social Firm Success Stories in Scotland and how they were achieved.  There is, as usual, an opportunity to network with friends and colleagues

The event is free and everyone is welcome.

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Social Firms Scotland is the national intermediary promoting and supporting the development of Social Firms across Scotland.

 A Social Firm is a distinct type of social enterprise – whose social aim is to create employment opportunities within the business for severely disadvantaged people. This includes people who have disability (including mental health), as well as those who face major barriers to employment, for example due to homelessness, having a criminal record or a drug/alcohol dependency.