Social Finance, Social Investment, Social Banking

Social Finance, Social Investment, Social Banking – What makes them social? 
The Scottish Community ReInvestment Trust 


SCRT’s Social Finance conference is an exciting end to our first year of operation.

The subject matter, we believe, is in keeping with the original objectives of SCRT and one, we hope, will resonate with our members.
As a member of SCRT, we are offering discounted rates so that as many members as possible are able to attend.
The event will conclude with SCRT inaugural AGM and, again, we are keen that as many members as possible can participate – both to hear of SCRT’s progress and also its plans for the year ahead. 
 We hope you can continue to show the support you have kindly offered over this first year
 Below are some highlights from the conference which offers, we think, an interesting and diverse look at social finance both in the UK as well as further afield.

 We look forward to welcoming you on the day.



With the growth of Social Finance including Social Investment and Social Banking how do we ensure that it meets the demands of the wider third sector and what is the link between social finance and the creation of a more equal and sustainable society.


Scottish Community Re: Investment Trust is delighted to host the first Conference looking at Social Finance. The conference will be of interest to those who want to learn more about social finance; how we know that it is social and how it works in other countries.


Bringing together practitioners from a range of countries, delegates will also be able to attend workshops on Crowdfunding: Community Shares: Social Banks and the Community Re:Investment Model. There will be panel discussions on ‘How to develop a sustainable financial system’ and ‘The UK Social Finance infrastructure’ – all of which will inform delegates wider understanding of social finance  



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