Social Entrepreneurs in the Public Sector – Intrapreneurs

Social Entrepreneurs in the Public Sector    – Intrapreneurs




Since 1999, Senscot has focused its work on finding, connecting with and supporting social entrepreneurs and their enterprises in the Third Sector. In this time, social enterprise has grown into a discrete sector which now enjoys a higher profile including, since March 2007, the publication of a bespoke Scottish Executive Strategy.


Senscot`s mission, however, is to recognise and support the role of all social innovators wherever they are, and we have become increasingly aware of activity in the public sector. These individuals are sometimes referred to a `intrapreneurs`; working within large state bureaucracies; often isolated and unsupported; and operating in a culture which is risk averse.


Senscot intends to contact these public sector innovators, with a view to helping create a more supportive environment for their work. As with our social enterprise work, our ‘reach’ and ‘neutral’ status position us to broker meetings between a variety of individuals who may be unaware of each others work. Senscot has approximately 700 bulletin recipients who work in the public sector. They have expressed sufficient interest in this proposal to merit further exploration.


What will we do:


Senscot proposes to hold three events between October `07 and March `08. Each event will attract between 20/30 individuals from different parts of the public sector in Scotland. The purpose of the events will be to assess the enthusiasm for establishing peer support networks for front line public sector innovators across Scotland. The first event will take place on Thursday 4th October 2007 at the Friends Meeting House, Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh from 12 till 4pm. Lunch will be provided.