Social enterprises invited to share co-working space in Glasgow

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to visit Govan’s Orkney Street Enterprise Centre, you’ll be aware it’s a place with a certain ‘wow’ factor.

The Edwardian prison has seen its fair share of local history and, most recently, has been the cherished home for some the stars of Glasgow’s social enterprise sector.

Among these is The No.1 Befriending Agency, a CIC tackling isolation and chronic loneliness through the power of everyday connections. Unfortunately for The Agency, the former prison’s walls seemed to be drawing ever closer thanks to an expanding team tackling an increasing number of referrals. In fact, a space fit for three people was now finding itself on the odd day with five, six, seven, sometimes eight (eight!) employees crammed in.

In the true spirit of social enterprise, such a situation called for a bit ingenuity (with a pinch of luck and sprinkle of opportunism, of course) and The No.1 Befriending Agency has now found itself in quite the opposite situation, having landed itself with an enormous spot in the heart of city centre. So what are they to do with all this space? The answer, invite others to join them in creating a truly special co-working space for social enterprises in Glasgow.

Following a small army of refurbishers, the space at Cadogan Square is now more than fit for purpose, with five separate offices, a boardroom, event space, kitchen, lounge and 24-hour reception.

The No.1 Befriending Agency is now calling on GSEN members and the wider community to send individuals and enterprises their way to help create a space where connections can be made, new skills can be learnt, confidence can be built and where stories and ideas can be shared over a cup of tea.

Befriending is about more than just helping isolated individuals, it means creating new communities and sparking joy in our day to day relations, so why not join No.1 and collaborate and bring about social change together!

If you know anyone who would be interested in joining the No.1 Befriending Agency at their new co-working space, get in touch with Founding Director, Audrey, at