Social Enterprise Venues

Social Enterprise Venues
SE Venues

We’re on the hunt for Social Enterprise Venues across the country.  S E Venues (   is a high quality interactive website dedicated to listing, and promoting charitable and social enterprise venues.

This website has been initiated by the sector itself to showcase the wide-ranging and high quality facilities they can offer.  The website provides a user-friendly search feature for people who are interested in hiring venues but would prefer to do it ethically, so that any profit made is re-invested in social objectives. The site is managed by Deborah Rees, the SE Venues Co-ordinator at Community Enterprise Ltd.

The SE Venues directory will be marketed widely using traditional techniques as well as social media and other innovative communication methods.  We will raise the profile of your venue both in your own local community but also across the country, gaining wide exposure and increasing bookings.

The collection of all of Scotland’s best Social Enterprise Venues listed in one place provides a simple and straightforward way for companies or individuals to find a place that meets their needs. 

Find out more at SE-Venues or Contact Deborah at or connect with us on Twitter @SE_Venues or like us Facebook at SE Venues.