Social Enterprise Unit – A Change In 2004

Social Enterprise Unit – A Change In 2004



(e-mail from Barbara Philips to Social Enterprise Coalition, 19.12.03)


I am now able to confirm what some of you may already have heard rumours about – I am leaving the Social Enterprise Unit and the Department of Trade and Industry.  I am writing similarly to the social enterprise sector, Regional Development Agencies, Government Offices and colleagues in Whitehall.


This is for personal reasons, but it has been a hard decision to leave an area of work in which I have become so interested and a group of people with whom I have so enjoyed working.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure – though hard work! – to have been given the task of setting up the Unit and developing the Government’s first strategy for social enterprise.  I am very proud of what has been achieved so far – and confident that it provides a firm foundation for the future  – while being equally sure that there is still an awful lot that needs to be done. I am sure my personal interest in social enterprise will continue. I will let you know about my successor as soon as I can.  I expect to be here until about February. 


Meanwhile, on behalf of the Social Enterprise Unit, I thank you for your support this year and we wish you a good Christmas and a very happy New Year.


Barbara Phillips

Director, Social Enterprise Unit

Department of Trade and Industry