Social Enterprise Research Published

Social Enterprise Research Published





Co-active have commissioned and published research on several key issues that might affect social enterprises in their development and growth.


The topics were chosen to give some significant insights into how social enterprises function (and sometimes how they do not!), and to provide really useful information and stimulus to the sector.


Working with some of the key thinkers working in social enterprise today, the purpose in publishing this series of 3 booklets is to stimulate new thinking about the sector, to provide evidence about social enterprises and those who participate in them and to inform policy makers and others who decide on the value of the sector in the UK. The three booklets centre on how social enterprises find their markets, the profile of social entrepreneurs and what we can learn when social enterprises fail. It is hoped that this small contribution will enhance understanding of this diverse, vibrant and innovative part of the economy. The booklets are priced at £5 each, but discounts are available for bulk purchases.


Co-active is a social enterprise development agency based in the South West of England.