Social Enterprise Mark counters the ‘identity crisis’

Social Enterprise Mark counters the ‘identity crisis’

Research just published by COI on behalf of the Office of the Third Sector (OTS), has revealed that misunderstanding and confusion are obstacles to the growth of the social enterprise sector. RISE would like to respond by welcoming the report because it mirrors the findings of our own consultation and feasibility stage work in developing the Social Enterprise Mark. Effectively, RISE research and OTS research have come to the same conclusion – that a social enterprise ‘identifier’ is a critical part of the solution.

RISE presents the solution: the Social Enterprise Mark ‘ it’s so much more than a badge’ and is the only social enterprise identifier to-date. It is an independently-assured brand for social enterprises that create a wider social or environmental impact. The brand values behind the Mark reflect those of social enterprises and the vision is to promote understanding on why its better to buy from social enterprises. T

The Social Enterprise Mark enables social enterprises to differentiate themselves, both from the charity sector (as highlighted in the report) and from corporate social responsibility (or greenwash). One of the most common reasons given by holders of the Social Enterprise Mark for signing up, is ‘to help our customers and other stakeholders understand that we are not a charity’. 

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