SFHA to reform, says new chief

SFHA to reform, says new chief 



The body tasked with supporting Scotland’s housing associations has run aground and needs to get back on an even keel again, its new chief execntive has said. 


Mary Taylor, who recently replace Jacqui Watt as chief executive of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) urged housing associations to put their differences aside and work together. 


Speaking in HousingScotland, the SFHA’s monthly magazine, she admitted that the organisation had not been serving its members well. 


"I want the organisation to get back on its feet," she said. ‘We are like a rusty Klondike, aground on the rocks – I want to be at the helm of a very different ship! 


"We need to be more dynamic and more responsive. It does seem to me that the SFHA has intrinsic value, but the organisation hasn’t been well, and my job is to get it back on an even keel. 


‘We need to return to our essence, supporting members and representing what they want us to say to government, with credibility." 


Taylor has carried out a number of roles in Scottish Housing Associations as well as taught and carried out research into housing at Stirling University. 


"The fact is that housing associations and co-ops for all their unique features have more in common than anything else," she said. "The are not-for-profit social businesses, voluntary organisations with a long-term commitment to the sector. 


"We need to remain united. We could let the details of our differences divide us, but there is room for many different types of organisation." 


The SFHA held its annual conference, New Beginnings, Fresh Challenges, earlier this month.