Senscot AGM – Friday 6th March 2020 (13.15-14.30) Grassmarket Community Project – 86 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh EH1 2QA

Senscot, February 2020

Senscot was first established as an unincorporated association in July 1999. In 2004, it incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee – with charitable status.  Our work, over 20 years, has focused on four main areas of activity:

  • ‘Informing’ via our weekly bulletin; thematic newsletters; and supporting website.
  • ‘Connecting’ and ‘consulting’ through support to 18 local and 7 thematic SENs – forums of peer support, collective action and market development for SEs.
  • ‘Developing’, with others, new services to strengthen Scotland’s social economy.
  • Seeking to ‘represent‘ the best interests, behaviours and values of the front line SE community in Scotland – as reflected in the SE Voluntary Code of Practice.

During this time, we believe Senscot has made a significant and positive contribution to the support infrastructure for Scotland’s SE community at both a local and national level.

However, we are also conscious that the sector in Scotland is continually evolving – and the Senscot Board is conscious of the fact that Senscot itself needs to evolve.

At our previous AGM (May 2019), the following resolution was approved by to members:

The Senscot Board seeks to explore the most appropriate model or structure in which to embed Social Enterprise Networks (SENs) and their members at the heart of Senscot’s governance structure – representing their interests at a national level – as well as maintaining an ongoing relationship with our existing individual membership.”

This was to reflect the predominant activity of our work over the last 15 years – developing and supporting both local and thematic Social Enterprise Networks (SENs) – see NOTE circulated in advance of our previous AGM in May 2019.

As Senscot prepared to enact the above resolution, we also became engaged in the Review of SE Intermediaries – as part of the current SE Action Plan. This review, led by Scottish Govt., involved Senscot, Social Firms Scotland (SFS) and Social Enterprise Scotland (SES).

After 10 months of discussion, a proposal has been submitted to Scottish Govt for Cabinet Secretary approval. On the back of this proposal, the Board of Senscot wishes to put forward the following resolution – seeking approval by members at our AGM on 6th March 2020.

In May 2019, Senscot members agreed that Senscot explore a revision of its current governance structure. The Senscot Board now seeks the approval of members for the following proposal:

  • To creating a merged charitable entity with SFS to represent both social firms and social enterprises in Scotland.
  • To embed Social Enterprise Networks (SENs) and their members at the heart of the governance structure of this merged charitable entity.
  • To ensure that the merged entity maintains an ongoing relationship with Senscot’s existing individual members.

In doing so, Senscot presents any required applications to the charity regulator in order to gain prior regulatory consent for detailed proposals agreed between Senscot and SFS, which will then be subject to an EGM of the company within the next eight weeks