Senscot AGM 2007 Report

Senscot AGM 2007 Report


Senscot’s AGM took place this wednesday, 27th June, in Edinburgh, and went well – thanks to those who attended.

We were very impressed with John Swinney – the new minister for the Third Sector (and much else). He embodies the energy and optimism of the new administration – much better prepared for office than we dared hope. There is a freshness to parliamentary business – no longer programmatic – debates matter – can change decisions.

But with so many other responsibilities, Swinney’s grasp of our wee sector is sketchy. He really needs a depute to drill down on detail. In the meantime, he’s over dependant on officials. No surprise then that he’s staying with what we already know. The SE Strategy, with £1.5m – reviewed in the context of the spending review.
Interesting though that regeneration has gone to Nicola Sturgeon’s portfolio. The whole local empowerment agenda is less developed – more possibility of movement here.

John Swinney’s speech:

Laurence Demarco’s speech:

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