Securing the benefits of Scotland’s next energy revolution

Securing the benefits of Scotland’s next energy revolution
A note by Les Huckfield

A Conflated Mixture

This Consultation Document is muddled. It conflates arguments:

– about devolution of oil and gas revenues
– about control and administration functions of the Crown Estate
– on the need for infrastructure to support investment in Scotland in onshore and offshore renewable energy
– on the need for local government and community benefit.

The Document is least reassuring on local community involvement, especially through its examples of the Shetlands Charitable Trust, South Lanarkshire Renewable Energy Fund and East Renfrewshire Whitelee Wind Farm Fund. Much community benefit in these is administered through local coun-cils. The Document confuses Local Community and Local Government Benefit.

Real Community Benefit

Much of the Consultation Document looks worthy of support. But some of its examples are not based on real community involvement. Though there is little disagreement that Scotland should re-ceive a fair share of development gain and taxation from renewable energy investments, the Document offers few real ways in which local communities will benefit and in which they may par-ticipate and share.

Wider Background

This Consultation Document is set against a background of a wider range of developing UK and Scotland Marine Policies. In a range of current Marine Policy Consultations there is little mention of community involvement.

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