SE Reference Sub Group – Emerging Themes

By SFS, SCA & Senscot

  • Mapping what has happened to date: communication on progress – including initiatives that have not worked as anticipated – and ‘Actions’ as yet not progressed.
  • More peer-to-peer learning – practitioner-to-practitioner support – i.e Community Learning Exchanges
  • Decentralisation – devolved budgets – local decision-making – local delivery – The Local Governance Review could provide a vehicle for achieving this.
  • Better linkage with other Govt departments – policies and budgets – Regeneration/Health/Sport/Tourism etc – complementary activity delivered via Action Plan.
  • Greater transparency and understanding on what is being funded and why? A more equitable spread of resources – perceived a being a bit ‘top down’
  • Support for Mission-led orgs (private profit) should come from other Govt Depts/Agencies (Scottish Enterprise; Govt Enterprise Division; HIE etc).
  • Local Authorities picking up on SE Strategies – but more is required to see genuine movement/progress in local public procurement activity – commissioners etc.
  • Consistent level of support/resources for SENs – still not been addressed. Seems contrary to Govt rhetoric of ‘bottom up’ approaches.
  • How strategic is the strategy? What is the vision? Is it about growth, scale, showcasing Scotland as world leader…or genuine change? We need to debate this.
  • Govt to hold back 10% of annual SE Action Plan (circa £800k) for new initiatives – agreed upon by panel including Govt and membership-led orgs.
  • National Intermediaries and Support Organisations must make a greater effort to engage at a local level – particularly beyond the central belt.
  • Govt to look at re-introducing ranging of funding/loan options – direct investment/grants (with clear criteria); ‘blended finance’ approaches; smaller loans; more affordable rates; flexible repayment terms.

Senscot, Social Firms Scotland and Scottish Community Alliance are co-ordinating with local partners (SENs and TSIs) are series of 10-12 local gatherings across Scotland to get feedback and views from frontline organisations on the current Action Plan and suggestions and ideas to shape and inform the next Action Plan. A full report will be ready in November 2019.

See Feedback to date