SE Action Plan Reference Sub-Group

Thursday 22nd March 2018

The following ‘proposed actions’ were identified as being brought to Scottish Govt’s attention – with a view to implementation during 2018/19.

  1. A meeting to be held with Scottish Govt Third Sector Division is advance of tendering document for Business Support Contract is finalised. Also, may be worth considering sector representation on the assessment panels for future contract – assuming there would be no conflict of interest
  2. During 2018/19, the SE Action Plan has to implement its plans to ‘extend and strengthen’ local SENs. In the longer term, local SENs need to be allocated bespoke resources – in a similar fashion to TSIs.
  3. Local Authority areas are to be encouraged and supported to develop local SE Action Plans for their respective areas.
  4. On back of point 3, local SENs are to be given a dedicated budget with which to commission specific actions within the respective local SE Action Plans – in the model of ‘participatory budgeting’. See Local Governance Review
  5. Govt to hold back 10% of annual SE Action Plan (circa £800k) for new initiatives – agreed upon by panel including Govt and membership-led orgs.