Scottish Enterprise Business Development Reviews 2006

Scottish Enterprise Business Development Reviews 2006

Scottish Enterprise
August 2006

As you are aware during the year 2005/6 there has been a considerable amount of information published on SEN activity with social enterprise, including a report sponsored by Senscot. This paper aims to provide some headlines plus details of the Business Development Reviews completed by LEC.

• The evaluation of Network Activity with Social Enterprise was completed at the turn of the year by Alan McGregor’s team at TERU and as a result the good practice model has been agreed for adoption by Business Gateway in 2007.                                                                              
• The Evaluation and the resulting good practice model have been used by ELL&TD to inform the development of the Strategy for Social Enterprise that is currently out for consultation.

• Some 20 social enterprises took part in a pilot scheme to provide business mentors for social enterprises. The initial feed back has been very positive and SEN aim to provide business mentors for at least the same number of organisation in the current financial year.

• Business Gateway was a sponsor for the Social Enterprise Coalition b-2-b trade fair in Perth and Business Gateway Tayside hosted a stand at the event.

• Scottish Enterprise is a member of the consortium led by Highlands & Islands Enterprise who successfully bid to manage the Big Lottery Community Assets fund. SEN will seek to support new and existing social enterprise clients to access the fund.

• In line with expectation, but higher than forecast, the number of new clients completing business reviews was 142 in 2005/6. It should be re-iterated that the business review process is the starting point of the relationship between the advisor and the client organization and results in an action plan detailing the further assistance required to be delivered over the subsequent 18 months. This is reflected in 2005/6 performance in Glasgow.

LEC                                 Actual 2004/5          Actual 2005/6 

SE Forth Valley                    7                            6     
SE Grampian                       2                            4     
SE Fife                                8                            9     
SE Tayside                        13                           10    
SE Edinburgh & Lothian’s     9                             0     
SE Borders                          5                            4     
SE Dumfries & Galloway       5                            8     
SE Lanarkshire                   17                          16    
SE Glasgow                       87                           50    
SE Renfrewshire                  6                           14    
SE Dunbartonshire               4                             7     
SE Ayrshire                       15                           14    
Total                                176                         142   

Looking to 2006/7, the major challenge will be the introduction on the good practice model as part of the re-tendering of business Gateway. Scottish Enterprise also looks forward to the launch of the Social Enterprise Strategy and working with partners on implementation.